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2016 JUN 07-08

Feeback Slides DMG media June 2016 The DMG Media participants met on 7th & 8th June 2016. Many insights were made over the 1½ days and below is a summary of the key topics and skills: Leadership Agenda: We explored the concept of the leadership agenda as an integral map to organise our world through. In [...]

2016 May 16 – 17

Executive Summary The ELT met at Wootton House on 16th-17thMay 2016.The key outcomes of the workshop were: Reality check on key business challenges: We reviewed current challenges against the 4 quadrant model and the team identified issues predominantly in the two ‘IT’ and the ‘We’ dimensions. The team recognised that they had placed less of [...]

2016 Mar 03 – 04

Executive Summary The Primark P&C Leadership Team (LT) met at the Primark offices in Dublin on 3rd – 4th  March 2016 The key outcomes of the workshop were: Hopes & challenges:  Jo shared the vision for the P&C Team and in return the team shared their hopes and challenges for the two days and delivering [...]

2016 Apr 12

Executive Summary The ET met at Cannizaro House in Wimbledon on 12 April 2016 The key outcomes of the day were: Team check in: We reminded the team of the journey so far and looked back at our A4-Action review from November acknowledging there’s a need to honour team commitments. Interview feedback - EDI process: [...]

Click to view 2016 Apr 19 – 20

Executive Summary The New Look executive team met at Lainston House in Winchester on 19th & 20th April 2016 The key outcomes of the workshop were: Clarified our Leadership Model: We explored the leadership challenges and sorted them into a 4Q leadership model that can be used as a frame for focusing attention and also [...]

2016 Feb 08

Executive Summary The CLT met at Comwell Borupgaard on 8th Feb 2016 The key outcomes of the workshop were: Explored how we are developing personally: We discussed our progress and key insights of our coaching journeys and what next areas we want to explore. We learned that sharing these insights has value in its own [...]

2016 Apr 16-17

Executive Summary The Exec team met at Ashridge Business School April 15th & 16th 2016 The key outcomes of the workshop were: The New Structure: Steve Melton laid out the new structure and talked through the new roles and accountabilities involved (see separate slide deck) The Priorities: We discussed the priorities of each of the [...]

2016 Feb 15

Executive Summary Fingleton Associates met at 10 Haymarket on the afternoon of 15 February 2016. The key outcomes of the workshop were:   Review of their market leadership model: Following the November event, the team and John continued to work on and finalised a market leadership model, specifically a Vision, Ambition, Purpose and Strategy for [...]

2015 Nov 24-25

Executive Summary Fingleton Associates met at the Wild Rabbit Inn on 24th & 25th November 2015 The key outcomes of the workshop were: Greater understanding of team values and underlying team dynamics: We reviewed John Fingleton’s LVP profile with the team and discussed the implications of each aspect of his profile for the business and [...]

2015 Apr 30 – May 1

Key outcomes: The team developed a shared understanding of the current context and agreement on the need to prioritise Each team member developed and presented their individual top priorities and key deliverables for FY16 and calibrated on their personal capacity status as a first step to developing an integrated game plan for IT The team [...]