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2015 Jan 12-13

Key outcomes: Business challenges/4Q:  We shared our individual perspectives on the challenges for the EJIT team going forward and mapped these onto the four quadrants of the Leadership Model. Listening for meaning (MAP):  We identified effective communication as key to building a team and practised the reflective listening MAP skill to enable people to feel [...]

2015 Dec 10

 Key outcomes: Explored Governance: We discussed what high quality governance really looks like. We discussed that most companies engage in compliance and operational oversight, neither of which are governance. Governance is “who decides who decides”. We also unpacked the key principles of governance and how the rhythm of governance meetings is different from strategy and operational [...]

2015 Oct 3 – 5

 Key outcomes: Shared Leadership Model: We reviewed the current challenges that each member of the CLT has on their plate and organised them into the 4 quadrant leadership mo9del, revealing that there was a significant focus on short term commercial performance and much less of a focus on the other quadrants. Increased Trust & Connection. [...]

2015 Aug 13

Key outcomes Leadership Agenda: We explored the four quadrant model of what brilliant leaders pay attention to – the Leadership Agenda – and then we used it as a frame for checking in with the team’s current context.  This flushed out the importance of managing the polarity of agility and sustainability. Team LVP: We revisited [...]

2014 Aug 21

Key outcomes Leadership agenda:  We reviewed the Complete Coherence four quadrant model of the Leadership Agenda.  This emphasises that leadership requires gong beyond managing commercial performance to include market leadership, people leadership and personal performance. Levels of values: We explored the nature of values within a culture as being at three distinct levels – the [...]

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2015 April 7-8

Key outcomes Achievements Audit: We explored the landscape of the business and decided we had done quite well but needed to take a much more positive view and signal this to the business. We conducted an ‘Achievements Audit’ to identify al the great progress made whilst also recognising there was still a lot more to [...]

2014 Nov 13-14

 Key outcomes Increased Trust and Understanding of Each Other: We worked on how to listen in a different way to each other (using the MAP skill) to enable leaders to make people feel heard. We used the four quadrant leadership model to identify the key areas of focus and clarified the critical ingredients required to [...]

2015 Jan 9th

Key outcomes We shared individual perspectives on what is going well for EMP and the major concerns. These are  mapped onto the four quadrants of the Leadership Agenda (slide 4) We explored the art of listening and practised using the MAP skill. This is level 3 listening ie listening for MEANING. This showed how we [...]

2015 Mar 15th

Key outcomes Reviewing the business via the 4 quads – One to ones with Jose going very well. Elliott and Ephraim really gelling with the team very quickly and smoothly 5 2 5 – a real goal Introduced the SPIRAL model. Jose shared his profile with the team. The team suggested some best ways to [...]