2016 Jul 8

Executive Summary The Circle leadership team met to explore the dimensions that would benefit from being pursued in a consistent manner as the business moves into the next stages of growth. The key outcomes of the workshop were: An introduction with an overview update from Steve A briefing from Paulo sharing the latest update on [...]

2016 Jul 7

Executive Summary A select group of people committed to their own development met at Leander Club Henley on July 7 The key outcomes of the workshop were: A deep dive on Personal Performance: We explored all the current challenges we need to work on to reduce pressure and increase our capacity. Reviewed pressure Performance curve. [...]

2016 Apr 16-17

Executive Summary The Exec team met at Ashridge Business School April 15th & 16th 2016 The key outcomes of the workshop were: The New Structure: Steve Melton laid out the new structure and talked through the new roles and accountabilities involved (see separate slide deck) The Priorities: We discussed the priorities of each of the [...]

2015 Apr 23-24

Key outcomes:  The Exec team and the wider Leadership team gained clarity and alignment on and built momentum around: The need for an agreed vision for Circle Reaffirmed the Credo Created an outline of the ambition for Circle Agreed the strategic building blocks Agreed the workstreams under the two key building strategic building blocks Outlined [...]

2014 Jun 12-13

Key Outcomes Four Quadrant Review of Challenges: We reviewed the challenges the business faces across the four quadrant to flush out a list of what we need to pay attention to in the coming months. Learnt How to Build 2nd PP & “WE” space. We explored the difference between 1st, 2nd & 3rd person perspectives [...]

2014 Mar 14-15

Key Outcomes Explored Criticality of Vertical Development: We reviewed the difference between learning and development and the benefits of increased vertical altitude for enhancing individual and collective performance. We also reviewed how to measure vertical development and the criticalsub stages and transitions on the journey. Developed Personal Resilience. We looked at how the brain shuts [...]

2013 Sep 13-14

Key outcomes  Awareness of Team Alignment: We step changed the team’s awareness of the importance of working effectively as a team. Everyone agreed to take ownership for the quality of the team’s performance not just Steve & Michael or us as the team’s coaches. We experienced the consequences if team members fail to take responsibility [...]

2013 Jun 14-15

Key outcomes Agreed to get in and Work as “One Boat”. We agreed as a team to all get in the boat and help each other more.  The team made a number of commitments in particular we agreed to lead out from the boat and not report in. Alignment: We agreed the importance of alignment [...]

2013 Feb 1-2

Key Outcomes Shared View of Reality: We created a informed shared view of the reality of Circle’s position and its urgentneed to break even in 2013 and the consequences of not doing so. Agreed Five Strategic Building Blocks: We created the big 5 strategic building blocks. Weagreed labelsfor each block and the first draft of [...]